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BAXI-SENERTEC UK CHP Firm Wins Top Public Sector Award

CHP manufacturer Baxi-SenerTec UK are the winners of this year’s prestigious Combined Heat and Power Association Public Sector Award. The award was given in recognition of the work carried out by Bax-SenerTec in close cooperation with the London Fire Brigade (LFB) in supplying Dachs mini CHP units to London Fire stations across the capital.

Lord Whitty, President of the CHPA, presented the award to Baxi-SenerTec’s business manager David Shaw during a glittering awards ceremony in Whitehall where the latest achievements in the CHP and district heating sectors were celebrated.

The Public Sector category recognises CHP projects that demonstrate the multiple benefits of cogeneration reduced C02 emissions, enhanced security of energy supply and lower energy costs.

So far Baxi-SenerTec UK has supplied 19 LFB stations with Dachs CHP systems as part of a comprehensive campaign to lower the carbon footprint of the world’s third largest fire fighting force led by energy manager Ian Shaw (no relation!).

Dachs mini-CHP SE kits – consisting of a CHP unit, a condenser and a buffer vessel – are working alongside wind turbines, solar thermal systems and photovoltaic (PV) rigs in a bid to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of these energy intensive facilities.

The completed scheme installed at one of the London Fire Stations cost just £40,000, but has already delivered a 20 per cent reduction in overall energy costs and a 19 per cent cut in CO2 emissions. The cost savings secured are now being reinvested in the installation of CHP units in other stations.

The project is being used as a template for future projects, with the LFB working to make CHP a standard feature of all new and replacement heating systems in its stations across London. Having visited one of the Fire Stations in London, both the West Midlands and the Devon and Somerset Fire Authorities are now also installing Dachs minii-CHP kits into their own stations.

“Our green work is continuing apace, with more and more fire stations now being far less reliant on traditional energy sources,” said Ian Shaw. “Due to the nature of our work, our facilities are energy intensive. We are, therefore, determined to deliver as much of our needs as possible from sustainable sources close to the point of use.

“In this way, we act as a suitable local role model and deliver demonstrable benefits to the environment.”

The Dachs minii-CHP in Battersea Fire Station generated 4,100 kW of electricity and the PV system delivered 1,730kW of ‘free’ electricity during a four month period last year. The two systems combined are expected to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint by 13 tonnes a year.

Battersea, which registers the energy produced and carbon saved by the CHP system in ‘real time’ on a prominently displayed digital panel, has reported a £2,500 annual saving on fuel costs. This means that the payback on the purchase cost of the CHP system will be less than six years.

“This was the most popular of all our award categories, reflecting the high level of activity across the public sector as organisations strive to become more sustainable,” said CHPA director Graham Meeks. “Baxi’s winning entry stands as testament to the benefits such energy efficiency projects provide.”

The LFB programme to refit all of its fire stations had already delivered a 17 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by April last year, surpassing the Major of London’s target to cut carbon by 15 per cent by 2010. They are now well on their way to meeting the overall target of a 20 per cent cut by 2015.

Dachs mini-CHP engines are designed to be robust and reliable so will run for thousands of hours,.Using reliable internal combustion engine technology, the Dachs unit generates electricity while it is running and produces heat as a by -product, which is captured and used for water and space heating. By generating power at, or close to, the point of use, it avoids the massive wastage of
central power stations, which lose around two thirds of their fuel energy in waste heat and during transmission.

“Fire stations are ideal for mini-CHP,” said Baxi-SenerTec’s David Shaw. “They are 24 -hour, 7-days-a-week buildings with a high demand for hot water and heating. Any building with a significant heat load will get the most out of their mini-CHP system as it will be running almost continuously generating generous amounts of electricity.

“As well as being low in carbon emissions, this makes CHP very financially attractive particularly following the dramatic increases in energy prices. Also energy security is becoming a greater priority for end users with many recognising that the tried and tested nature of CHP technology makes it a better bet than weather dependent renewables.”


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