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URBAN TREE PLANTER New Product Launch 

Introducing The Urban Tree Planter, A Modular Solution To Increase The Number Of Trees Within The built Environment, “The Bonsai Approach To Green Infrastructure”

The Planter is a bespoke and modular unit typically 1, 1.5 and 2m3, which can facilitate mature and semi-mature trees with growth up to a maximum of 12m, to be installed into structurally sensitive locations such as rooftops and streetscapes. It is the first attempt to standardise urban tree installation and management where natural tree growth will be restricted due to space or services underground.

The benefits of the planter are presented in the three pillars of sustainability; environment, society and economy and therefore will help architects, developers and specifiers achieve key sustainability goals and government policy as laid out by the Forestry Commission, TDAG and The Woodland Trust 6 Point Manifesto.

Trees are a key part of our life support system and the green lungs of our towns and cities, they are no longer a dispensable, aesthetically pleasing addition to the landscape. They can help improve physical and mental health with increased oxygen and the effect green surroundings have on your well-being, providing a more positive aspect and so in turn such things as pride of place within communities. They can provide additional much needed biodiversity within cities and savings in energy costs for companies with green roofs installed.

Mature trees act as a significant means of carbon sequestration, they clean our air by storing carbon, and producing oxygen. They can alleviate flood-waters saving the high costs of drainage solutions and through their shade and transpiration, provide natural low tech evaporative cooling, the larger the tree, the greater the cooling and reduction in the “urban heat island effect”.

The planter is a viable solution to the introduction of trees onto rooftops, taking green roofs to the next generation and elevating the problem of the lack of land and building limitations within the UK, so why not utilise the exiting space on our roofs.

A wide variety of species can be specifically grown with the root-ball pruned, ideal for the Planter and to create a diverse and suitable tree canopy without the roots encroaching on the surrounding construction. This is a product that can allow mature trees to be installed in situations where space is minimal, whether it be tree lined streets in new residential housing developments where land is premium or on top of commercial buildings, hospitals or schools.

Trees are being felled and not replaced like for like, it takes an average of 30 years for a tree to reach a mature state, and so absorb and produce the maximum quantities of CO2 and Oxygen. The planter is a solution to this as these benefits can be reaped instantly resulting in a faster and proactive step towards the identification and mitigation of pollution in our cities.

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London has pledged to plant 10,000 new trees on streets by 2012 and said it was not always possible to replace felled trees “due to inadequate underground conditions, the presence of utilities or in circumstances where the tree has grown from seed in an unsafe location”. (

The Urban Tree Planter is a solution for this as it can be sunken into the same size hole created for existing practices for the planting of street trees. On average a 1m3 excavation is required to allow room for the tree root-ball, and soil. The tree roots grow freely and the strength and vastness often damage pavements, pipes and building foundations, resulting in costly and time consuming processes to correct the issues.

The planter contains the root-ball securely without damaging the tree, and the integrated irrigation, drainage and lifting system allows the planter to be hoisted or lowered into position and easily accessed for maintenance.

The internal collar frame allows the planter to be removed easily and the option to have the planter fully or half submerged means the collar can facilitate external façades for example communal seating, solar panels, or advertising panels.

“The best friend of a man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on earth” – Frank Lloyd Right, Architect.

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