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CORNERTAPE Perfect Sealant Every Time - Only With CornerTape 

- Quick and easy with no mess and a top quality finish to be proud of

CornerTape is a brand new product system, which is designed to guarantee a quick and easy method of preparing, applying and finishing all types of sealant; it is the only product on the market which will give perfect results every time and unlike traditional methods, requires no skill with a sealant gun. Invented by a Norwegian kitchen and bathroom contractor in 2007 to make his work easier and faster, CornerTape has already won awards in France and is now available in the UK.

CornerTape is just one part of the ‘CornerTape Professional’ range of products. The product range is unique for sealant, with all products working perfectly together to make the task of sealing all types of tiles, baths, showers, hard flooring and worktops quick and easy. The range contains everything needed for the successful removal and application of sealant and can be summarised with three easy steps.

Step 1 - Easy Removal
The range contains a patented-design, heavy duty Silicone & Grout Remover Tool for tradesmen. The Tool comes with its own sharpening stone to ensure years of continued use and features three blades, which are specially angled to protect delicate surfaces and allow the user to either push, pull or scrape off old grout and sealant from joints and surfaces. Unlike using normal knives or scrapers, the blades on the silicone and grout remover are exactly the correct shape, which means you remove the old bead of silicone in one fast and easy motion.

Step 2 - Simple Preparation
CornerTape Preparation Wipes are unique when compared to other cleaning wipes. Unknown to most, almost all traditional cleaning wipes contain Aloe and/or other detergents, which are greasy and leave a residue on the surface to which silicone and other sealants will not correctly adhere. CornerTape Wipes are different as they guarantee a clean, grease-free surface onto which sealant can be applied and they also kill any bacteria on the surface to ensure a hygienic sealant joint. Testing has proven that sealant is expected to last at least two times longer when the surfaces have been correctly cleaned and more importantly, de-greased.

Step 3 - The perfect finish, fast
The CornerTape is at the heart of the system. Available in rolls of 15m and 25m in length and to give a bead of sealant in various sizes – XS = 2.5mm, S = 4mm, M = 6mm and L = 8mm – to suit all jobs, CornerTape is completely unlike traditional masking tapes, as its unique design sets a pair of perfectly parallel tapes into which to apply the sealant. Suitable for all types of sealant and for use on all baths, showers, tiles, hard flooring and worktops, CornerTape is unique in the way it is applied. Unlike normal masking tape, CornerTape is reverse wound on the roll so it is applied onto one of the surfaces from the bottom of the roll in one quick and easy motion - in other words you just roll it out, which makes it super fast to use. The tape is then unfolded, which sets it parallel, and a clear film removed to reveal a perfectly straight tape on either side of the joint. Silicone is applied into the gap between the tapes and then smoothed with the silicone joint former, which comes in the box.

In reality, to perfectly silicone a three metre kitchen work top, for example, with CornerTape takes 3-4 minutes, without the mess, concentration, stress or clean-up associated with the usual methods, like the ‘wet finger’. Seeing, is believing as they say, and after removal of the CornerTape all you see is a perfect, straight, no edges, no ridges clean-edge bead of silicone – giving a first class finishing touch to any kitchen or bathroom.

Andy Toyne, sales director for CTA Products and distributor for CornerTape in the UK, said: “The CornerTape System is a fabulous set of products, and we’re delighted to bring them to the UK. We visit many stores to give product demonstrations, and to see the look of joy on tradesmen’s faces after seeing the products in action really makes our day, they just can’t believe that we’ve taken a slow, difficult and messy task and made it so simple, fast and perfect. CornerTape really does do exactly what it say’s on the box – gives perfect silicone joints, and it’s quick and easy without the normal fuss, stress or mess of the traditional and much un-trusted ‘wet finger’ method. It really does deliver on creating a finish that’s second to none, saving time, silicone and money. Indeed, it’s often the finishing touches that can make or break a job and it’s the first thing that stands out in any new kitchen or bathroom. People are drawn to look at the quality of the finished sealant and are quick to complain if it’s not up to the same high standard as the rest of the job. Despite the initial scepticism, most trades’ people who try CornerTape make it part of their toolkit and we’ve had many trades’ people comment that they would never go back to old methods.

“We are thrilled with the interest in CornerTape in the UK so far – from retailers and the loyal following of tilers, bathroom and kitchen fitters, flooring contractors and builders we have attracted - and we’re looking forward to expanding availability as more retailers come on board. We’re also working on new products to compliment the current line-up, so watch this space.”

DIY’ers are also catered for - the ‘CornerTape System’ range offers a Silicone Remover Tool, smaller packs of Preparation Wipes and 5m rolls of CornerTape in the same choice of bead sizes.

CornerTape products are available throughout the UK from leading retailers including Plumb Center, Tile Depot, TG Builders Merchants, bps, a number of independent stores and selected branches of The Range, Parker Building Supplies, Ridgeons, Maxwells DIY, Gibbs & Dandy, Tippers, Willbond and Buildbase.

For further information or to discuss stocking CornerTape products please email.


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