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FLÄKT WOODS New Chilled Beams Set To Become The Stars Of The Future

Fläkt Woods has launched two new active chilled beams, the Stella and Astra, which perfectly complement their comprehensive range of existing chilled beams.

The new active chilled beams form part of the new IQ-STAR range and comprise of an exposed Multi Service chilled beam (Stella) and an Integrated model (Astra). These new models are the result of over 18 months research and development to provide demand controlled ventilation directly via the chilled beam.

Both are designed for the modern office life, satisfying the demands of increasing productivity and providing a working environment that is comfortable and well-adapted to the needs of the workers. Aesthetically created with unique smart functions, flexible construction and energy saving modes they are certain to be the future stars of the market.

Demand controlled ventilation provides desired ventilation based on the actual occupancy of the room. It increases indoor air quality and saves energy normally wasted in ventilating unoccupied spaces. This can be applied to areas where there are frequent changes in occupancy, such as conference rooms, board rooms, cafeterias etc.

Research has proved that demand controlled ventilation can reduce ventilation as well as heating and cooling loads by 10%–30%.


This free-hanging multi-service chilled beam, is characterised by modularity, flexibility, sustainability and energy efficiency. The aluminium profiled beam incorporates an array of integrated features ranging from direct/indirect lighting with either satin louvered or the new prismatic diffuser options, PIR’s, smoke detectors, speakers and sprinklers.

Thanks to pioneering nozzle technology and smart controls, the air flow is always sufficient and adapted to suit requirements. Stella’s modularity, Flow Pattern Control and Comfort Control functions allow flexibility within the office layout. Good indoor air quality is achievable despite organisational changes and renovations without the need to change the installation.

Because occupancy levels within a typical office can vary from day to day even from hour to hour, Stella’s smart control panel with Normal, Energy Saving and Boost modes enables easy adjustment of the air flow. This means that whether an office or meeting room is empty or crowded, the Stella beam provides sufficient air flow. Not only does it save a lot of energy when the room is not in use, it also keeps the employees comfortable, alert and productive.


Flexibility, sustainability and energy efficiency are the guiding values of our integrated ASTRA chilled beam. Astra has the groundbreaking Variable Air Flow function. The air flow is adjusted automatically, depending on the level of CO2 in a room.

Fläkt Woods’ range of chilled beams with its unique variable air flow function, Flow Pattern Control function provides high flexibility both in new buildings or refurbishments. The air flow can be directed up to 45 degrees through integrated vanes. When increased air flow is required, the vanes can be adjusted into different directions, to increase comfort. Integrated functions include sprinklers, smoke detectors and modern down lighting.

New regulations such as Part L2 of the Building Regulations naturally lead to more water based cooling systems being designed, as the energy needed to provide the cooling requirement is less than cooling through the air. Indoor air quality has also become a priority, as clients and end users demand better working environments for their staff, knowing that this will lead to higher productivity and less sick leave.


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